About ibadadahsg

Reaching out to the less fortunate

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam once reminded, ”There are two pleasures that many people are deceived, namely healthy favors and leisure time.”


Build community for the poor through economic support and the power of knowledge

Years of foundation

Alhamdulillah, IbadahSg has distributed assistance throughout the Asia Pacific region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar (Rohingya).

Qurban & Aqiqah

We make it easy for you to fulfill the obligation of Qurban and Aqiqah

Humanitarian Aid

The assistance provided is some of medicine for various diseases


Come with us to perform Umrah for better understand the sirah Nabawiyyah

Ihsan Ramadhan

To extend aid in Ramadan in easing the burden of those who are in need

About Company

Together we are helping people in need

IbadahSg was founded in 2006 with the intention to help the Muslim community in Singapore enforce the Shari’a of God, including the sacrifice of worship.

Thank you for the trust of all Singaporeans who have fought with us to this day. May Allah bless us and respond with the highest Paradise.

30000 +
Qurban distributed​
1000 +
Packages launched
Countries Affiliated
Years of Operation

Meet Our Leadership

We are proud of our committed and diverse staff driven by our common goal to create lasting wellbeing for children and families.

Ustaz Firdaus Masruhen
Having Master Degree in Economics and Islamic Jurisprudence and with many experiences like Asatizah, Preacher and Tutor, Managing Director, Chairman of sports and Outdoor Activities
Ustaz Syamil Masruhen
Vice President
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The Holy Qur’an (2:274)
“Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah SWT by night and by day, secretly and publicly, will receive their reward from their Lord; and they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve”.

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